DCKV (Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation) ECOHOOD - for commercial kitchen applications.
EcoHood is a variable speed air exhaust controller for commercial restaurant hoods that cuts energy costs by up to 50%. 


EcoHood uses patented opacity and temperature sensors to monitor smoke and heat generated while cooking.  As a result an EcoHood system generates incredible energy savings (up to 50%) while improving the overall comfort level of any restaurant.

The EcoHood system is easily installed on any new or existing hoods.


o     EcoHood automatically controls exhaust systems in commercial kitchens with patented sensors that detect temperature levels, as well as smoke and vapours.
o     Automatically modulates exhaust from the hood in proportion to the levels of smoke, steam or heat detected, to capture and contain all effluent efficiently.
o     EcoHood automatically stops all air exhaust from the hood if no smoke, steam or heat is detected  and starts up as soon as smoke, steam or heat is detected  .
o     Complete system includes the opacity (smoke and steam) and temperature sensors, a control panel with keyboard and an LCD display.
o     The optical sensors can be adjusted for accurate monitoring for hoods from 3 to 45 feet 


o     Reduced Energy costs (gas/propane/oil/electricity) up to 50%
o     Qualifies for energy and GHG (Green House Gas) reduction grants
o     Simple cost-efficient system that will maximizes profits, and minimize the Carbon Footprint, while keeping clients and staff comfortable in all climates.
o     Back-lit, easy read display, and retains historical operational performance data for energy management.
o     Needless hood exhaust results in fewer drafts and better air balancing from the dining area to the kitchen
o     Staff experience less noise, better climate control and increased comfort in the kitchen.
o     Extends exhaust motor life 

Actual Analysis of a Typical Installation


o     Fast and easy installation to existing or new hoods - all types.
o     User friendly programming using LCD screen.
o     1-2 year Payback in most cases – Incredible ROI (Return on Investment).
o     Noveo’s optical infra-red sensors feature 100% modulation to meet the exact demands for evacuation and guarantee maximum energy efficiency.
o     Fully sealed, stainless steel optical sensor heads are easy to install on new or existing hoods.
o     Self calibrating optical sensors, impervious to grease and moisture and wipe clean in seconds.
o     No Air purging is required with the optical sensors.
o     Temperature sensing across the entire hood permits the most precise and lowest permissible exhaust at any given point during the cooking process.
o     Automatically stops all air exhaust from the hood if no smoke, steam or heat is detected. 

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