DCIV (Demand Control Industrial Ventilation) NOVEOAIR -for industrial paint booths
NoveoAIR is an award winning variable speed air exhaust controller for all industrial paint booths that reduces energy costs by up to 75%.


NoveoAIR uses an on board micro-controller to analyze a booth’s operation data using strategically integrated sensors to reduce energy consumption costs up to 75% and optimize booth performance.

This revolutionary Demand Control Ventilation system is unique and can be applied to all types of existing or new paint booths.

Noveo AIR is a 'proven' system that renders a paint booth intelligent and capable of generating remarkable energy savings in total security

Eliminate the needless wasted energy costs in your paint booth by installing the NoveoAIR system, and improve your bottom line profits. 


o     NoveoAIR uses an on-board micro-controller to analyze the booth’s operation using strategically integrated sensors. 
o     Detects when spraying begins to exhaust the booth at 100% as required by regulations. 
o     When the spray gun trigger is released, during product handling, air exhaust of heated or conditioned air is reduced using 3 easily programmable intervals to a stop     or idle speed  depending on the application, or size  of booth.
o    Once the spray gun is activated again, the cycle repeats.
o    VOC measurements are monitored, and exhaust will automatically activate if the acceptable threshold is exceeded. 


o     Reduced Energy costs (gas/propane/oil/electricity) up to 75%. 
o     Qualifies for energy and GHG (Green House Gas) reduction grants. 
o     Increased operator comfort – less noise. 
o     Improved finish quality – less dust in the finishing area.  
o     Automatic log and display of actual spraying and exhausting history.  
o     Extends exhaust motor life. 
o     Increase filter usage efficiency. 


o     Fast and easy installation to existing or new paint booths - all types
o     User friendly programming using LCD screen
o     Safety and Security with Automatic VOC monitoring
o     1-2 year Payback in most cases – Incredible ROI (Return on Investment)
o     Maintains first quality finishes – less rejects due to dust 

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